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About me

Andy Ristaino is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles.  He has worked as a designer and story boarder on Adventure Time for Cartoon Network, where he was awarded an Emmy for outstanding individual achievement in character design.

In his spare time Andy likes to draw comics and creatures.  You can find his books Night of the Living Vidiots, Escape from Dullsville, and The Babysitter at the webstore on this very website!

Thank you so much for visiting! 


  • do you accept freelance?    yes!  sometimes i might be to busy to take on new work but it never hurts to ask.   contact me here!   

  • do you accept commissions?   yes!  but it depends on what you need me to draw.   visit the shop for more details

  • i like your stuff, how can i help support your work?   you can visit my shop & buy a comic or some artwork.  i will be starting a patreon in the near future, or if you can't afford to purchase something you can always drop me a line by visiting the contact section.  encouraging words are always nice.

  • will you come on our podcast?   maybe...  shoot me an email.

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