you are purchasing a small 6 x 8 inch commission!


do you want your own one of a kind original Andy Ristaino drawing?  HIRE ME TO DRAW YOUR IDEA!  sky's the limit (but keep in mind this is a small drawing one or two characters max) for you, i will draw almost anything:

  • a wierd creature
  • your favorite character
  • your O.C
  • something of personal relevance

(please no ultra violence or pornography requests.)


I want this to be fun for both of us so this is how it works:


  1. before you purchase a commission contact me here, describing what you will want me to draw, who it's for,  when you will need the drawing by, and whether you want the final drawing to be in pencil or inked.
  2. put the word "small commission" somewhere in the title of your email.
  3. i will get back to you about my availablitily and whether or not this is something i will want to draw, we will discuss the image a little bit narrowing down exactly what is to be drawn.
  4.   when the drawing idea is approved, you can finally make your commission purchase (right here in this very web store)
  5. i will get to work on the drawing and within a months time you will have it in your hands.


it's that easy.


please do not hire me through commissions to:

  • design your logo
  • do spot illustration for your magazine
  • do character design


this is just for fun and gifts.  personal stuff.  if you wish to hire me as a professional illustrator or a designer you can contact me through my email and ask if i'm available. 


i hope to create something unexpected and fun for both of us, AND, I will most likely be filming the process so your commission may appear on my Drawing with Andy video series on youtube. 



hope to draw something for you soon!


best of luck to you!





Small Commission drawing.